Where are my fellow RNYers?

It occurred to me I haven’t posted in well over a month now…then I realized that the bloggers I follow haven’t posted either! Could it be we are all sick of talking about our RNY surgery? Could it be that they too are at a plateau as I have been for six, freaking, long weeks. Or more? Maybe!

I’m 4 months out post-op and only down about 40 pounds. Sure 40 pounds may sound like a lot, but I am frustrated since the scale has been stuck, (yup, it must be broken!) at the EXACT (and I mean EXACT) same weight for about 7 weeks now. Huh? That’s what I say out loud every Tuesday morning (lately) when I step on it. Huh? Or more like: “what the hell?”

So, ok, clearly my body is stalled so I need to start mixing it up again. Good luck to me with it being the holidays. But wait – courage I said – courage is what counts. Do I have the courage to remain complaint? Maybe it’s more like strength, discipline, a wing and a prayer?

Anyway – wish me luck that this plateau breaks soon. I feel like I am the only RNY patient in the world who lost, (fairly easily) 40 pounds, but then – everything stopped. Well, this part isn’t fun!

To my fellow bloggers – I hope you’re still out there. Post soon and let me know you’re alive…let me know how you are doing! Happy Holidays to all!


About The Wellness Sleuth

Hi, my name is Kat and I live on the east coast in the southern US. I'm a mom of a grown-up human and a furry puppy. I am a Software Engineer, Coach and small busines owner. I published a book in 2007 and keep meaning to start on #2...so, maybe blogging will nudge me along! Please check out the "about" page at thewellnesssleuth.wordpress.com to learn more about this Wellness Sleuth.
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2 Responses to Where are my fellow RNYers?

  1. catijoefarm says:

    Hey Kat! I’m here. Things have been crazy. I haven’t really done much of an update on my surgery either. I guess I’m getting tired of talking about it. I have done well in the losing dept (63 lbs.) but this past month I only lost one pound!!! That is discouraging, but I keep plugging along. Take care!


    • Hi Cathy – glad you’re still “out there”. I hear you – and some days I feel like I’ve forgotten I had surgery! 63 lbs is great — I remember you did GREAT pre-op and lost a good chunk even before your surgery! So a plateau is imminent. My plateau is now at the 7 week mark – “UGH”!! I’m like: COME ON…!! Well let’s hang in there…!

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