6 week post-op Gastric Bypass Status & Retrospective !

Yesterday I had my 6 week follow-up appointment at my surgeon’s office.  I wasn’t too excited to weigh in because, like clockwork, his scale is always 7 pounds (exactly) higher than my scale at home.  At home, I weigh in the morning with  no extra weight on and at the doc’s I weigh in at the end of the day in clothes – so I have decided to ignore his scale and pay mind to my scale since that is the one I use weekly.  Problem solved – ignore the doctor’s scale! Indeed, yesterday his scale was 7 lbs higher than my home scale.

I was happy to report to my surgeon that I’ve had very little to complain about since my RNY on 8/11/14.  I am really thrilled with the results and honestly “I’m loving the pouch” as I like to say.

In retrospect, I surely wish I’d gotten the Bypass back in 2006 when I decided to go with the Lap Band.  (Reminder – my RNY surgery this year was a revision from the lap band).  The lap band helped me do two things – lose 40 pounds pretty fast and as I continued to work my butt off in the following 4 years, it did aid in my losing another 60 – because the band did help me from doing too much damage!  But in all honesty, that band was nothing but a pain in the you-know-what.  It was difficult to “work with”.  I always felt the port sticking through my skin.  I’d be doing a situp and feel it move.  And last but not least – It seemed I was always getting food stuck!

I feel lucky, in all honesty, that my lap-band “dilated” and in essence “failed” so I could get a revision to the RNY.  I really did get lucky – sounds silly right?  But truly – I got lucky.

I now feel like, for the first time since I was 21 years old, my goal-weight can be accomplished.  I know it won’t happen overnight, but by this time next year, it honestly makes me want to jump out of my skin thinking I could be in a size 10 jeans again.  Oh the thought of it!

My current status is that I’m down 27 pounds since my pre-op weight.  My surgeon was pleased with this stating that the average is 25 pounds in the first 6 weeks.  He expects me to take off another 25 in the coming 6 weeks again – Happily I say yes to that!

I have noticed this week I’ve been hungrier.  I was leveling out at 800 or 900 cals/day and my team told me I need to be up to 1000 now.  Ok!  I can do that.  Perfect timing too, because I guess my body is ready.

I started my walking program this week and plan to do a 5k at Thanksgiving time.  I’ll be pretty excited if I can plow through that with no problem.  I am excited to get back into this – I have really missed feeling strong and exercising.

So, again – here’s to health, happiness and good hair days!



About The Wellness Sleuth

Hi, my name is Kat and I live on the east coast in the southern US. I'm a mom of a grown-up human and a furry puppy. I am a Software Engineer, Coach and small busines owner. I published a book in 2007 and keep meaning to start on #2...so, maybe blogging will nudge me along! Please check out the "about" page at thewellnesssleuth.wordpress.com to learn more about this Wellness Sleuth.
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