I’ve Only Just Begun.

Well, it’s finally here – my new life (aka: The Bariatric Afterlife.)  I am now day 4 post-op – wow.  Surgery took an hour longer than it should have because I apparently have some nasty and inflamed scar tissue from the darn Lap Band I had removed in June.  Apparently a part of my liver actually ATTACHED itself to my stomach as a way to try and “support” my dilated lap band.  Ouch.  Yuck.  I hope they are enjoying their “organ romance”!!  While it took my surgeon an extra hour to work with that, he was, thank God, able to complete a successful RNY.  I am grateful to have a “surgeon of excellence” because another may have backed out and made me wait till all that healed.  So, I am very grateful to be 4 days post-op and doing pretty well.

Yesterday I started feeling a little better and today I’m just really tired, but the pain is becoming a little better each day.  I hope I’m ready to return to work Monday as that is my plan.  I’m totally excited to see my surgeon on Monday morning for my 1 week follow-up…I want to make sure I’m doing everything right and of course – my first weigh in.  I sure do plan to enjoy this “honeymoon” for as long as I’m granted it!

I will say – I am missing food, but only in my head.  I want to eat, but only in my head.  I’m a very very visual person, so I look forward to when I can ‘create’ meals again.  Even if tiny.  For now I just use really cute tea cups and baby spoons when I eat to make it “cute” – haha.  I think I’m going to buy myself a kid meal set – ohhh..maybe “Hello Kitty” – I like that…to brighten “meal” time – haha!  Luckily I’ve always had sort of an affair with baby spoons – I have no idea why – a premonition perhaps?  But I actually have used baby spoons for as long as I can remember, at home – I just have a thing for them…LOL.

Today I moved to full liquid diet – thank goodness – chocolate protein powder – so yummy :).  I am dreaming of cream of rice (I am a gluten free girl) and yogurt next week!





About The Wellness Sleuth

Hi, my name is Kat and I live on the east coast in the southern US. I'm a mom of a grown-up human and a furry puppy. I am a Software Engineer, Coach and small busines owner. I published a book in 2007 and keep meaning to start on #2...so, maybe blogging will nudge me along! Please check out the "about" page at thewellnesssleuth.wordpress.com to learn more about this Wellness Sleuth.
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2 Responses to I’ve Only Just Begun.

  1. catijoefarm says:

    Glad to hear everything went well! I can’t wait to get away from the protein powder. It was fine before the surgery but now is sickeningly sweet. I am also dreaming of yogurt, cottage cheese and unsweetened applesauce. lol

  2. Barbara Anne says:

    “The Bariatric Afterlife.” That is genius! I’m going to spread the word on that one! I hope you’re feeling well and no nausea issues since that seems so common in the first week. I ended up with extreme sleepiness so I went back to work later than planned; I couldn’t stay awake more than 5 hours at a time but at least the week passed quickly that way. I have my fingers crossed for you!

    I eat with appetizer sized plates, bowls, spoons & forks! It helps with portion size and to control the size of my bites.

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