T minus 6 and counting

I almost can’t believe it but I am only 6 days away from RNY surgery. A week from today I’ll officially be post-op (praying all goes well.)  I am starting to get a bit anxious, but mostly just eager to get it over and done with so I can engage with my fresh start in life.

This week will be filled with 3 days of appointments between my nutritionist, pre-op therapy and of course the blood work and surgeon meeting.  I am trying super hard to stick to ONLY protein and veges this week – but it won’t be easy.  However, it is helping immensely to know that I am just days away from a new beginning.

I am glad I have a busy week this week and hope it flies by.  Hoping to get some time at the beach this weekend before this giant surgery so I can get some time to reflect and look forward.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy week!



About The Wellness Sleuth

Hi, my name is Kat and I live on the east coast in the southern US. I'm a mom of a grown-up human and a furry puppy. I am a Software Engineer, Coach and small busines owner. I published a book in 2007 and keep meaning to start on #2...so, maybe blogging will nudge me along! Please check out the "about" page at thewellnesssleuth.wordpress.com to learn more about this Wellness Sleuth.
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7 Responses to T minus 6 and counting

  1. catijoefarm says:

    Cat, you can do this!! I just take it day by day, actually hour by hour. lol This is so wonderful to be able to get a second chance. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Barbara Anne says:

    Hope your week is going well! Glad you’re almost there. 🙂

  3. Thank you very much Barbara Anne. Now it’s only 3 days – I can’t quite grasp that! I am eager to have it done though, that is for sure. I’m so sick of being hungry and thinking about food. I am reading a great book by Katie Jay called “stages of transformation” (of WLS). If you have any good reading recommendations, please let me know! How are you doing on your journey?

  4. catijoefarm says:

    Checking in to see how you are doing. I’m home and sip, sip, sipping my water and protein drink. Hoping all is well!

  5. Hi Cat. How did your surgery go? I am in a bunch of pain and I had a fever last night when I got home. But it seems to be subsiding. The surgeon had a hard time with my procedure – took 4 hours…he said my scar tissue from having the lab-bnad wasn’t easy to work with. So I am in a lot of pain. How about you? I am sipping sipping too – today’s menu is water with propel…grape…at least some flavor. I am in a lot of pain with the gas too – ugh. How about you?

  6. Hi Kat, I hope your recovery is going well – hooray for being on the other side of surgery day!
    Warm wishes,

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