A new awareness…

Life truly is a process of learning and I suppose it is possible that only by our struggles do we learn what really matters. Today I set out to do some research on Obesity. I didn’t even realize there was a Coalition “out there”. I spent a lot of time reading on the OAC’s website and a bunch of other places because I want to know – how is the very thing that is supposed to sustain and nourish us – killing so many of us??

Honestly, the idea of this infuriates me – and I need to know more.

In my research today I found out the following statistics:
Approximately 93 million Americans are Obese. Huh? That is almost 30% of the American Population!

Yet, there are 75,000 retail bakers in the U.S. (that doesn’t include the small shops like Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, all the fancy cup-cakery boutiques, etc. etc.) And let’s not forget that the average soda-drinking American consumes (are you ready?) 44 gallons of soda per year! Huh? Gross. (Ok, I suffer from obesity but at least I can say I avoid soda.) Yay, “1” for me.. 🙂

I suppose it frustrates me as someone who suffers from Alcoholism is frustrated because every song on the radio is about ‘having a drink’ and every block has a Bar.

So how do you win? How do you beat a country who is trying to kill you everyday with their poisons? I guess you have to be stronger and smarter. All thoughts, wisdom and experiences are welcome!!


About The Wellness Sleuth

Hi, my name is Kat and I live on the east coast in the southern US. I'm a mom of a grown-up human and a furry puppy. I am a Software Engineer, Coach and small busines owner. I published a book in 2007 and keep meaning to start on #2...so, maybe blogging will nudge me along! Please check out the "about" page at thewellnesssleuth.wordpress.com to learn more about this Wellness Sleuth.
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2 Responses to A new awareness…

  1. catijoefarm says:

    Hi Kat. This has really been a journey for me. A few years ago after watching a video on how Butterball processes and treats their turkeys I became vegetarian. This was one week before Thanksgiving. Not great timing, but ah well. I was vegetarian for a year and during that year I came to the realization that it wasn’t eating meat I was against, it was the way animals are treated before they are butchered and how they are butchered.

    I did a lot of research and found local farms near us that treat their animals very well and butcher them humanely. I know that sounds like an oxymoron but to give an animal an honorable, fearless death is the least we can do. Once I started buying local meat, I began to look into how other products in the USA are made and found a nightmare of GMOs and corporations that seem to be doing all they can to get people addicted to processed foods. I stopped drinking diet soda, stopped using artificial sweetner, soy based products, anything with high fructose or regular corn syrup in it. I try to make everything home made. I’m not perfect. We still do take out once a week but I watch what I order now.

    It’s not easy, but having given up soda, gluten and processed foods, has made it a bit easier to get myself to this point. The kicker to all this is that the dr. wants me to lose 15-20 pounds before surgery. I have to have a whey protein drink in the morning (made with Stevia sweetener) and a Lean Cuisine and small salad for lunch and dinner. I’m getting through it by telling my self its not forever.

  2. 15 to 20 pounds is a lot of pressure before surgery. Remind me again when your surgery is and which one you are having?

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